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By adding contextual and clickable product cards, our technology allows you to transform any video into an online store.

Your audience will have an active and engaging viewing experience, increasing the click-through rate and sales. In fact, our technology has shown increases in click-through by up to 10x.

Smart Video Ads

With our interactive VPAID-technology, you can easily add contextual and clickable product cards to your in-stream and out-stream video ads. 

Smart Pictures

Our technology also allows you to connect clickable product cards to your pictures,  increasing the click-through rate and sales from any picture.

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No fixed fees. No setup costs. You only pay a percentage of the sales or a fee for the clicks generated by Smart Video

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Logowall - Dec 2017

Increase conversion like Metro Mode and Åhléns

Together with Åhléns, Metro Mode created a series of interactive videos, in which selected fashion influencers revealed their beauty secrets through tutorials.

By adding contextual and clickable product cards to the native video ads Metro Mode got 10x higher click-through rate compared to similar campaigns without Smart Video.  

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