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Create interactive videos that increase viewer engagement, conversion and sales from your online videos

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On-site Video

Enable viewer engagement, get higher conversion and increase sales with interactive videos on your website.

Works with all players, devices, and websites.  No complicated integrations or deep technical know-how required. You simply paste a script on your website.

Video ads

Get a higher return on your media investment with interactive and clickable video ads.

Works with all in-stream and out-stream ad formats. The technology is built on VPAD/VAST and therefore the ads can be distributed programmatically.

Risk free pricing based on your results

We believe that pricing should be risk free.
That is why you simply pay a small percentage of the sales we help you generate or a small fee for the clicks we help you generate.

No fixed fees. No setup costs. 

We are trusted by brands like


Case study: Rivia Sports

Rivia Sports had a beautiful promotion video for their collection Graphic Jungle 2017. They decided to add Smart Video the promotion video on their website in order to increase viewer engagement, conversion and sales. 

Result:  10x higher conversion and a CTR of 28 %

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